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National Disability
Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

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What is NDIS Plan Management?

At Goodradigbee we help you manage your NDIS funding while you maintain the freedom and flexibility of choice and control. You can choose to be involved as much or as little as you want, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Our goal is to reduce the pressure associated with managing your NDIS funding. We take our time to get to know you, your story and communicate in a language you understand. Know that we will walk with you through your entire NDIS journey.

Ways to Manage your NDIS Funding

There are three ways to manage your NDIS funding. They are:

  1. NDIA-managed
  2. Plan-managed
  3. Self-managed

Or you can choose a combination of the three options.

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What are the Benefits of NDIS Plan Management?

Plan management helps you to take control of your NDIS funding, whilst having a someone to support you in your NDIS journey.

NDIS plan management gives you:

We help you manage your NDIS budget as much or as little as you want.
An expert to help guide you every step of the way, who knows your story.
Up-to-date budget information in an easy-to-understand format at anytime.
Flexibility to choose providers that suit your specific requirements.
Access both registered and non-registered NDIS providers.
Freedom to choose your services and how they’re managed.
Invoice and receipt management, never be out of pocket.
Easy to change service providers at any time.
Choice to decide what is important to you.
Service at no cost to you, funded by the NDIA.
How can I access NDIS Plan Management?

Plan management is free if you ask for this to be included in your plan under the ‘Improved Life Choices’ support category. This will not affect the overall funding as it is completely separate to funding for therapy, support, and resources etc. If you have already had your planning meeting and didn’t realise it was an option, you will either have to wait until the next plan review or request a review of your plan.

Development of Daily Living and Life Skills

What It Is

Goodradigbee can support you – and/or your carers – to develop skills for everyday life.

Life skills development is all about helping you to get the most from life, by developing goals, confidence and independence for daily living. It’s about practical training that empowers you to live how you want to live, every day

Some examples include:

Nutrition, such as shopping for groceries and preparing healthy meals.
Communicating well with your service providers and support networks.
Transport and travel, such as planning your journeys and accessing public transport.
Developing financial skills, such as budgeting, understanding bank statements and managing your bank account.
Supporting you and your carers to make choices that benefit your health and wellbeing.
Developing your skills as a parent or carer, such as learning to cope with day to day demands, manage challenging behaviours or assist with personal cares.
Developing skills to support someone to move out of the family home into an independent or group‐based living environment.
We work with you to:
General life skills.
Numeracy, literacy and financial management skills.
Parent and carer skills.
Communication skills.
Participate in Community

Goodradigbee can assist you to participate in fun community and social activities with our mob.

It’s about supporting you to get involved in activities that you like, making new friends and becoming more independent by being part of your community.

We work with you to find culturally-appropriate activities that you will enjoy – and support you to make the most of them.

Some examples include:

Supporting you to attend group social activities, such as beach or fishing trips.
Supporting you to attend community events, such as ceremonies or cultural activities.
Supporting you to go on day trips, such as bushwalks or to sporting events.
Supporting you to meet new friends by providing opportunities to socialise.
We offer Group Based Centre activities every Weekday from 9.30am to 3pm

Goodradgibee Centre Based Activities and Groups promote socialisation while offering both worker facilitated and self-directed capacity building activities.  Participants are welcome to undertake activities independently within the space, participate in facilitated workshops or a combination of both.

We have the following spaces available for participant use – Art and Craft Room, Computer Room, TV & Movies Room, Library & Quiet Room, Board and Electronic Games, Activities Room, Board & Electronic game area, Kitchen and social meals area.

All activities are participant directed and only limited to participant’s imaginations.

Full Day Session

9.30am – 3pm with Morning tea and Lunch provided at no additional cost

Half Day Sessions

9.30am – 12pm with Morning tea provided
12pm – 3pm with Lunch provided

Being flexible and able to meet participant’s individual needs is important to us so please contact us if you require something a little different or require assistance with transport.

We can support people to maintain their independence within their home with a wide range of services such as cleaning, meal preparation, ironing, laundry and a range of other services to meet individual participant’s needs.

Goodradigbee can offer a range of services to maintain people’s ability to live independently while increasing their capacity to undertake personal domestic activities with greater independence.

Your support person can work collaboratively with you to undertake your domestic activities while working with you to build your skills to live with greater independence. They can also complete tasks that you are unable to do yourself, or complete the entire cleaning process on your behalf.

We discuss with participant’s their individual needs and goals within their home and design a service to deliver the most appropriate individual support.

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