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Goodradigbee Cultural and Heritage Aboriginal Corporation (GCAHAC) is a non-government, not for profit corporation. We are dedicated to delivering cultural appropriate support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families.

Goodradigbee delivers a holistic model that provides whole of person care without discrimination. This includes under pinning social determinants that impact heavily on the health and well-being of individuals & families in our community.

GCAHAC can also provide advocacy in areas including Housing, Mental health, Centrelink, Schools, Child Safety & Probation & Parole.

Our Services
What Kinds of Situations Are We Involved In?

There are many risks which could bring a family into the support of the GCAHAC. This risk may stem from a combination of physical, mental and social factors involving either the parents or guardians, or the child themselves. Each of the families we help is unique, but some of the scenarios involve:

Domestic Violence
Drug and alcohol addiction or abuse
Disadvantaged families
Family breakdown
Children with additional needs
Parents who are struggling due to mental or physical illness
Parents who have intellectual delays who may require more ongoing support
Respite Care
How Do We Help Families?

Every family has its complexity and demands. The team at GCAHAC offer personalised care designed around each family’s unique needs and goals. GCAHAC will deliver a tailored program that support children and families across the following areas:

Positive parenting skills, techniques and strategies.
Daily routine establishment.
Re-engagement practices.
Nutritional awareness.
Hygiene practices.
Child protection.
Support services in cases of neglect.
Support and guidance for families recovering from domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse.
Mothercraft (from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women) safe sleeping, wrapping, feeding, bonding and attachment.
Emergency care.

NSW has the largest Aboriginal population in Australia – comprising almost 30% of the national total – and it is growing rapidly. Over the next 10 years, our Aboriginal population is expected to increase by double the rate of growth for the population as a whole.

Almost 40% of the Aboriginal population in NSW is under the age of 15. Tackling systemic disadvantage is critical to improving the lives of these children and future generations of Aboriginal people. It will also produce broader social and economic benefits for the whole community.

Higher rates of disadvantage, over-policing, more restrictive approaches to bail, mandatory sentencing, and a lack of non-custodial sentencing options in regional and remote areas are having a disproportionate impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and bringing them into contact with the criminal justice system at a greater rate.

The solution to these issues lies in building strong and resilient communities by reinforcing localised decision making, encouraging cultural identity and fostering connection to Country.

Cultural Programs
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We Welcome Your Support

GCAHAC is a registered charity under Australia Charities & Not for Profits Commission (ACNC). We welcome any support of friends and partners to GCAHAC. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Every dollar you donate goes towards building bright futures for our families and young people.

Depending on the time of year and what programs we have running, Goodradigbee Cultural & Heritage Aboriginal Corporation accepts a wide range of donated goods. We also accept in-kind donations to be used at our fundraising events.

Keen to become a regular giver to Goodradigbee Cultural & Heritage Aboriginal Corporation or would you like to make a one-off donation?

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